What's happening in 3rd Grade?

Our Book Shelf

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We’re keeping a list of the

books we read together as a class.  Comment on any one of them, or even all of them!  Stuck on how to comment?  Write about:

*what you liked or didn’t like

*how you would change the book if you were the author

*your favorite characters and why you liked them


Student Book Reviews:

Click the links below to read student book reviews.


Sarah, Plain and Tall

 by Sara




by Ava


The Kid who Ran for President

by Elaine


Bull Run

by Tristan


A Series of Unfortunate Events

by Jon


Charlotte’s Web

by Isaiah


How to be Cool in Third Grade

by Alexa


Our Only May Amelia

by Muji


my read shelf:
Cary Williams's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)\cell \lastrow\row}.pdf”>Captain Fact

by Michelle


How to Be Cool in

Third Grade

by Zenab

Our Only May Amelia

by Henry


The Diary of Melanie Martin

by Nina



  2. I love the book with no pictures .It is an awesome and funny book. our teacher read it to us and it made us all laugh a lot.

  3. I love dogzilla!! :O It was awsome! but tinky breth? and mini dogzillas! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :O

  4. I like the day the crayons quit because they gave up!

  5. the book with no pictures is my favorite why? because it is funny 🙂

  6. the book with no pictures is so cool it is so funny because it made us laugh and made our teacher look bad well more funny this book is good

  7. the book with no picture s is my favorite because it is funny:)

  8. i like weslandia because it very imagnitive.

  9. the book with no pitures is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can I stop now


  10. I loved reading all these books in class,especially The Book With No Pictures and Escape From The Ice.

  11. I love a book without pictures I have a friend that’s a hippio and hes called bobbo but

  12. the book with no pictures is awesome

  13. the book with no pictures is awesome.its so funny!!!

  14. The book we read was Painted Words. A little girl can’t speak the way her class does, so she draws the way she feels. She felt hurt. She was bullied but the teacher talked to the class and then they were nice to her from now on. She started to understand the way the class speaks and in the end, she made some friends. It was a good story!

  15. it was a good book

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