What's happening in 3rd Grade?

April 28, 2013
by Mrs. Williams

Student Report: Cup Stacking Fun

Report by Brianna, Evelyn,  and Krista


Did you know cup stacking can be fun?  Well, if you are interested you might want to hear some facts about it.  At our school, on Tuesdays we have cup stacking club at 12:00 pm.  It is in our gym.  If you need some help with cup stacking, ask somebody who’s good and then try to do it yourself.  Practice until you get it!  Remember, do cup stacking today!


September 18, 2011
by Mrs. Williams

Cup Stacking Skills

New heights in cup stacking!

Our school’s cup stacking club has not yet begun to meet, but that isn’t holding these two  students back from practicing.  WOW!  How long do you think it takes to set this up, and then take it down?

Send in your picture of cup stacking and it will be posted here on the blog.


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