What's happening in 3rd Grade?

October 13, 2011
by Mrs. Williams

Let the Games Begin!

Math, like piano, takes practice.  Now we have a great new game that challenges students at their level, while they get the practice they need.  Each student at the school has an username and password for First In Math.  Here is the link:

If your child seems intent on wanting to play, there is a reason.  Students earn “tickets” for games won, and each day there is a classroom player of the day and a school player of the day.  Have fun!

November 4, 2010
by Mrs. Williams

Fraction Frenzy

We’ve been studying fractions this week!   Here are websites  for more practice. Try these out.  There are seven different activities that range from Kindergarten through middle school.  Be sure read the directions!

Another site is:

Here is another site with fraction games.

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