What's happening in 3rd Grade?

November 15, 2011
by Mrs. Williams

Sneak Preview: Room 17’s Book on Bats, Owls and Porcupines

November 16, 2011 – Students had a great time sharing their work with other students.  They did a great job teaching the 2nd graders and used some tried and true teaching strategies:  asking students what they already knew about the animals before the lesson, and questioning them after the lesson with questions like  “What did you learn?



June 5, 2011
by Mrs. Williams

Power Point Memory Slide Show

During the last week of school, students created a power point slide show of some of their favorite, and occasionally their least favorite, memories.

To watch, click the link below.  You must have Power Point on your computer to watch this slide show.  Some students even narrated their slide.  To hear the students’ narrations, click the bull horn icon on the lower left side.

Class Memory Project – Power Point

Don’t have power point?  You can still enjoy the students’ work, minus the narrative.  Click the link below and you can watch the students’ memory project as a pdf.  There is no narration or animation, but you can still enjoy reading about memories of third grade!

Class Memory Project – PDF

February 14, 2011
by Mrs. Williams

Valentine’s Day Party

Love These Photos

Poetry inspired by Walter Dean Meyers

Love these photos
Like a fish loves to swim.
I said I love these photos
Like a fish loves to swim.
Love to call them in the morning
Love to call them
Hey there,  friends!

Challenge:  What’s your favorite poem inspired by Mr. Walter Dean Meyers?   Share it in a comment.

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