What's happening in 3rd Grade?

April 7, 2014
by Mrs. Williams

Puff Mobiles

April 7, 2014 – Last week we talked about the high price of gasoline, and discussed possible ways to create alternatives to power a car.  Students were given the challenge of designing and making a vehicle that could travel by wind energy.  The materials of the puff mobiles consisted of 4 life savers, 2 straws, 2 sheets of paper, and as much tape as they needed.  Students also had to understand what friction was and figure out ways to reduce it so that their puff mobile would move.  We tested our puff mobiles and measured the distance.  This has been a great unit for the kids and they really seemed to enjoy it.


October 1, 2013
by Mrs. Williams

Science Safety

October 1, 2013

Third grade students were practicing science safetywhile recording their observations during our dry ice bubble investigation.

science 3 Science 1 Science 2

April 20, 2013
by Mrs. Williams

Peregrine Falcons Webcam

April 20, 2013 – Did you know you can watch a live feed of peregrine falcons nesting on the 41st floor of the Rhodes Office Building?  The eggs are expected to hatch around April 27, so check back often!


Live video from the nest:

Live video from the ledge:

Blog Updates:


March 13, 2013
by Mrs. Williams

Egg Drop

How do you keep from breaking an egg that has been dropped off a second story balcony? You ask a group of 3rd grade students to design a safety device to protect the egg.  Check out the video.  Can you tell the students were excited?




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