What's happening in 3rd Grade?

January 10, 2016
by Mrs. Williams

Report from Florida

By Kaia

I’ve gone to Florida every year since I was two except for last year. We go to Ft. Myers beach. It’s on the Gulf of Mexico. When the tide goes out there is a sand bar about 20 feet from shore. You can find lots of sand dollars and starfish. We’ve never seen a real turtle but I’ve made one out of sand with one of my aunts. It was significantly larger than a real one. It took us days to make it. Florida was hot, sunny, and sandy.

I can’t wait to go back next year!




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May 11, 2015
by Mrs. Williams

Breaking My Arm, by Iris B.

May, 2015


I got to the hospital and we went to the emergency care and since I hurt my arm it wasn’t easy to walk so I got a wheelchair.  We signed into the   waiting area and there was a huge aquarium filled with fish and I was sitting in the wheelchair looking at the fish. It was cool. We went to the x-ray room to check if I had a broken arm. They took pictures and then we had to sit in the lobby again.  We went to the room and had to wait for the nurse, it was pretty cold and my dad got two warm blankets for me.
The nurse came and said I had three broken bones. She said that we will have to do a surgery tomorrow. So we spent overnight at the hospital. My room was on the 5th floor and I was on the bed that had wheels so that they could move me around from place to place.
We got to my room and it was really cool, it had flashing lights when I slept, like all colors of the rainbow but I was awake the whole night. I was asleep for like 30 or 40 minutes. The surgery was supposed to be at 9am but it was at 12. While I waited for the surgery I watched 2 movies!

The people were here and I was ready for the surgery, so they moved my bed and me on top of it into the surgery room. The nurse said I was the first one today with a broken limb that could move. They put a sleeping mask on me and it smelled like strawberry. After 4 breaths I was: z-z-z-z-z.
I woke up from the surgery and I was in a bed in a hallway. And I had a purple cast on me.

The doctor and I were in the room, mom and dad were very happy to see me. The nurse came and brought a menu for me to choose from to eat and I chose pizza and lemonade and some veggies.


When we told the nurse what I wanted to eat I watched a movie while I was waiting. The nurse came and brought me a slice of pizza and lemonade and veggies. Lemonade tasted amazing and pizza tasted great. After I finished the food we had to check out from the hospital. When I was in bed two nurses brought a cart full of toys to pick out for the children who spent the first time overnight at the hospital.  Then we went home.


And that’s the story of the hospital. The toy in the picture is a caterpillar, it’s very squishy.


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