What's happening in 3rd Grade?

October 15, 2013
by Mrs. Williams
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The Day the Dictionaries Arrived

October 15, 2013 – Third grade students were thrilled today when Mr. Metz of  the Rotary Club arrived at school to distribute dictionaries to every third grade student!  Check it out.

Challenge Question:  What are some of your favorite things you have learned from your new dictionary?

March 8, 2012
by Mrs. Williams

Mr. Davo Arrives!

Our surprise visitor has arrived!  Mr. Davo, a stuffed Tasmanian devil from Tasmania, Australia, arrived via mail on Tuesday.  Since then, Mr. Davo has gone to recess, played basketball in P.E., learned all about lines, line segments, and rays, and spent one night with Rory and one night with Joren.  He will be busy this weekend going to the Destination Imagination competition.  To learn more about Mr. Davo and his traveling adventures around the United States, go to his blog at:

Mr. Davo enjoys visiting the school library.



January 25, 2012
by Mrs. Williams

The Mystery of Room 17

 February 12, 2012

Students are getting closer to solving who our mysterious March visitor will be.  So far, they have figured out that the visitor is coming from Tasmania, Australia.  Also, the visitor is mostly likely arriving in Columbus by airplane, but is not coming directly from Tasmania.  Our visitor has been busy seeing other parts of the United States before coming to Columbus.   Who do you think might be coming to see us?

January 25, 2012 

Room 17 is getting a special visitor in March. Will you be the first to guess who our visitor is?   Clue Number One:   This visitor is not from North America.  Challenge: Where could our visitor be from?

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